We work to help our customers grow, and ultimately require a laser process machine of their own. Additionally some processes can not be taken out of the factory. For these reasons Laser Mark’s Company helps MrLaser, Inc to create specialized marking systems to the level of your technical requirement. All systems are custom and not off the shelf product. MrLaser, Inc. will design either Class IV or Class I production tools, often fully integrated into their assembly lines. Systems built often contain integrated motion and vision components that can move parts, locate fiducials, and adjust laser targeting. We have built proprietary systems for many industries including well known universities, medical device, computer disk, aerospace, and automotive manufacturers. Our machines are currently operating in Europe, Asia and across the United States.

Custom high accuracy wide field system for nanotechnology
Flexible Cart configuration with removable door and slide back cover for easy access to change part fixtures
Descrete system with integrated part handler and sealed processing chamber
OEM Module with Splitter
Automated OEM automotive Marker components shown without cover
Custom desk top unit for large 300mm square field 3 axis galvo