Light Touch Gold Marking

Industrial marking

Surface Aneal black marking

Precision Cutting Stainless Steel

Gun Parts

Colored Oxide growth on Steel using MOPA wave forms


 Colors Array testing with different fill densities and MOPA wave Forms

Blue Marking on heavy use guitar pick with Wave Form MOPA laser

Colored Oxide Growth with MOPA Fibers

Color coding medical parts using MOPA wave Forms

Titanium Medical Part Marking using MOPA fiber laser


Bar codes- QR codes – and ECC200 Matrix plus Military CAGE codes are available from Laser Mark’s Company

Black Mark on beam delivery device

Dial_Mark. note difference in whiteness between hard anodize in arrow vs soft anodize on dial

Fine Detail engraving on knife handle

Deeper etch on curved surface achievable with long focal length optics at Laser Mark’s Company


Long focus optics allow for marking on round parts at speeds of 1 meter-sec

Wave Forms can be used to create color Oxides on Brass

Deep BASS relief engraving is fast with the Single Mode MOPA

Deep engraving on copper is achievable given sufficient time and focus adjustment

Detail of Matrix made on copper plated part

250 micron copper foils and even half mm copper sheets can be cut with the single mode MOPA


Etching through Gold on Ceramic without disturbing sub surface layers using a Single Mode MOPA Fiber Laser

Wave forms break through the top plating surface and can interact with the nickel layer below

Like brass Gold can be etched then polished by MOPA wave form 5

Bracelet with deep engraving made with Standard MOPA fiber and wide area optics

Half mm silver cut without cleaning using a single mode MOPA fiber laser

Shades of oxides are brought out using MOPA Wave forms on silver Cuff

 Pendants with complex shapes can be cut into half mm silver and colored with MOPA Wave Forms

Dog Tag and other Jewelry is made easily with complex graphics supplied by customers