Laser Mark’s Company LLC can now offer Micro Cutting and Micro Welding Capability

We just finished commissioning a custom high power Fiber Laser integrated with a sub micron accuracy multi axis stages. The machine is perfect for stainless steel package welding with 2mm lids, Below is an uncleaned 1.4mm wide weld bead.

Our system also cuts 4 mm silicon into custom shapes, as well as slicing through aluminum, copper, titanium and silver in using Compressed Air, Nitrogen, or Argon.

4mm stainless using Nitrogen

1mm stainless using compressed air

Thin Brass

The process is perfect for thermocouple welding.

Fine Wires can be welded with our rotary attachments.

Ferrule welding can also be welded multiple ways. And we can make precision screens with micro drilling.


And even micro drill small Ruby Balls.

Show us your application and we’ll help you choose the laser technology to meet your requirement. We have many capabilities for prototyping, process development, pre-production runs and production machines when your volume picks up.